Big Skunk Auto
Genetics: Skunk x Big Bud x Ruderalis
Autoflowering variation of Big Skunk - is an average hight plant with dense small "buds", a very productive and easy to grow, especially in the open field. The powerful influence of wild genes which has the effect of autoflowering allows the strain to survive even in the Wasteland conditions, so in outdoor conditions it practically does not require the use of mineral fertilizers. However, give the plants plenty of space due to the powerful and extensive root system, typical of this variety. Hindu Rudiralis genetics makes it very similar to wild cannabis, only much more productive, compact and most importantly - effective. The effect of the use of this strain can be described as a bright solid high followed by a powerful relaxing stone, the classical "grass" for an evening relaxation after a hard day. Strain is also commonly used in Western medicine.
Blueberry Auto
Genetics: Blueberry x Ruderalis
Legendary "blue" Blueberry variety with a distinctive blue tint of leaves and powerful "Hindu" effect now can be grown in no time. When crossed with carefully selected Cannabis Ruderalis, it managed to achieve a stable autoflowering in the third generation of hybridization. This can be seen already in the vegetative stage of plant development for their rapid growth and fast development of green mass on the branches and stem. We also managed to retain the characteristic flavor and aroma of Blueberry - berries, slightly spiced with characteristic "hashish" pines. Well suited for outdoors in the northern latitudes, as they mature by the middle of summer - even short and rainy.
Snow Star Auto
Genetics: White Widow x AK47 x Ruderalis
Is an auto-flowering variety of a Snow Star hybrid - the product of crossing White Widow with the AK-47. Not only such an explosive mixture was able to give a stable offspring, it was even able to cross with autoflowering varieties. The result is a "Snow Star Auto" - a very productive and powerful autoflowering strain, that inherited the "whiteness" - numerous crystals covering the buds intoxicated with THC from the White mom and knockdown effect of the Afghan-Brazilian dad. Plants and indeed resemble white stars - under the HPS 600W lamp, this massive elongated colas on the top, radiating rays of the long sharp leaves, surrounded by a halo of white trichomes, will surely wiggle on a thin hard stem, closer to the harvest season, glittering like a coil of cotton candy on a stick. Unfortunately, the yield of this variety is not too high yet.
Northern Lights Auto
Genetics: Ruderalis x Northern Lights
Northern Lights - a variety that best represents itself indoors. Actually, for this purpose it has been created once, and almost all modern varieties for growboxes contain its genetics, or in one way or another repeat it. Autoflowering variation here - not the exception, and it shows excellent results in the grow-tent, with the advantage that it is not necessary to change the photoperiod during the transition to flowering: the plants themselves decide when it is "time." Shrubs can stretch up to two meters, with a small number of branches and leaves, but with lots of heavy buds. Thin winding stem is well suited to cultivation methods "sea of green" and "green layer", is easily bent by "stress training" - another advantage of the Northern Lights Auto in 'closed' cultivation. Flowering begins very quickly, but lasts for nine weeks until buds will reach the necessary standard. The flavor and aroma in this variety are very unusual, almost equally containing citrus and sour, sweet berry and spicy notes. Confusing Northern Lights Auto with other strains almost impossible.
Haze Auto
Genetics: Original Haze x Ruderalis Haze
One of the oldest families of psychoactive hemp varieties bred in Holland at the dawn of the era of the national drug policy easing. Rastaman Seeds managed to get closer to the original Haze genetics almost back to back, recreating the original variety series with selective breeding. Ruderalis, complementing its genetics , managed to create an autoflowering variation, known today as the Haze Auto. This variety has turned out to be surprisingly fast-growing and early flowering: usually starts blooming in the fourth-fifth week of the vegetative phase, and lasts for eight weeks. Then you can collect your harvest - usually a small dense buds covered with a whitish "haze" of trichomes full of tetrahydrocannabinol. Plants reach one meter in height, quite nice for an autoflowering strain. Variety is good for outdoors in the cold climate as it gets ready for harvest long before the beginning of cold weather.
Amsterdam Herer Auto
Genetics: Jack Herer x Haze x Ruderalis
Is a tall noble and elegant plant with small leaves - narrow at the base, expanding to the top end, almost nothing like huge Indica ones, and a thin winding stem which is ideal for indoor growing, especially with «Sea of Green» method. The high ratio of buds to leaves in favor of cones makes it a productive and extremely attractive to commercial growers. Variety is widely known not only in many of Amsterdam's cannabis coffee shops, but also in many dispensaries where patients often take it to deal with chronic pain. Amsterdam Herer Auto has a powerful soothing, almost hypnotic effect that can ease the pain within the affected body. The high content of CBD complements medicinal properties of this herb. Like most autoflowering varieties with the prevailing Hindu genetics, Harer Auto blooms for a long time, but the reward at the end is a plentiful crop, which can be up to 100 g per plant.